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Hey! I'm Kate


I am the founder of Body Achieves Mind Believes, college athlete & future TED talk speaker.

I created Body Achieves Mind Believes on instagram a year ago, and it has been one of the wisest decisions of my life. My blog has helped me learn how to become more comfortable in my own skin, and help me learn how to appreciate my own existent. I am sharing my story to show you all how beautiful life can be.

I got diagnosed with anorexia nervosa when I was a fifteen- year-old. I used to let that define me. I was constantly consumed with this mindset of pain. I began to enjoy it, and not see hope for happiness.

Junior year of high school I changed my life around. I transferred high-schools, challenged my anxiety, and acknowledged that my dreams are attainable. With discovering who I am, I used my demons to make me stronger. Each day I discover more about myself, I discover my inner warrior.

See that smile? It's real and genuine, yet it took me a long time to find. My story is real, its vulnerable, and its imperfectly perfect. 

I am taking you on this journey about discovering the endless possibilities in life. I am showing you all the beauty of food freedom, and the beauty of discovering yourselves. 

This website is so much more than developing a healthy mindset with food. This blog is about love, passion, and adventure.

Join me on my journey in recovery as I discover the beauty of life.

You are all worthy of genuine happiness, and love. Never forget it.


Three Reasons That Inspired My Recovery

The Ability To Love

Emotions were always something that terrfied me, yet; they were something I desired to feel. I have always been a fan of romance movies (especially Endless Love by Nicolas Sparks)!! I began to imagine this life for myself, this life where I celebrated the messiness of life holds with someone by my side.


As a 15 year old depriving my brain, and being exposed to these flawless lives on social media. I was confused with what I wanted out of life. I would constantly question what love meant to me, was I even worthy of it?


I knew deep down I wanted to love myself, and then eventually be able to love someone else. 


But I still had these thoughts filling my mind. "You don't need love, you have me", my eating disorder would constantly repeat. I was manipulated by these thoughts, and began to feel I was unworthy of having someone else call me beautiful, because I did not think I was nearly attainable of beauty.


Nevertheless, there was a little voice that dreamt of happiness. This little voice knew one day I would get to that place of happiness, I just had to keep fighting.

Recently I met a new version of myself, someone who does not depend on anyone else. I have discovered this young woman that I have worked tremendously to become. When you work continuously and have a goal, reaching that dream is immaculate. When you focus on the work, and do not let other people sidetrack you; it will be you and only you who got yourself there. 

I have dreams, just like anyone. For the longest time I would not live or chase those dreams, because I was scared of the unknown. Finding yourself again, and finding your happiness is something you have to do by yourself.


I have experienced real pain, wanting to die crying on your bedroom floor questioning why you do not feel loved. You can not truly love yourself and others, if you have not felt pain. Once you find your own warrior, and understand your own potential, is when you grow. 

Contentment with yourself is possible for each and everyone of you. The ability to love someone other than your demons is absolutely attainable. 

I am on the rode to learning how to love this person who helps me appreciate me. I am immensely grateful to have someone on this ride with me of gratitude and appreciation towards life. 

Love was always something I aspired to feel. I now know what it's like to love the smell of my baking, to love the way my dad gives me squeezy hugs, and to love the summer water fights with my cousins. Recovery has put me in this perspective of love, I now know its immensely powerful. 

The Ability To Swim

At the age of five I joined my local summer swim team. At the age of 7, I joined my local competitive swim team. I became so fond of the silence in the water, the ability to allow my mind to clear as I began to enjoy the sport more. I began to realize that I wanted this sport to be with me for the rest of my life. 

I became so attached to this mindset of "I must drop my time in this event", "I must be first in the lane at practice", "I must meet my goals on the scoreboard, or else I am nothing." This consumed me to the point of endless amounts of panic attacks, and these new thoughts that just circled around in my mind. 

Sophomore year was the most difficult because I did not meet these deranged goals that I placed upon myself. I started to see myself as this individual who was not worthy of happiness, and love because of my lack to complete my goals. 

My eating disorder developed as a way to get this sense of control in life that I felt I lacked. 

There was a period where I hated the water, I couldn't swim a lap without feeling like I was going to pass out. I hated that I was in this depressive state, where everything confused me. Life confused me.

The Ability To Experience Life 

I used to not be able to feel, I would view life through this painful perspective of hate. This lasted for about 10 years, I felt utterly alone with my thoughts. I felt consumed by the demons inside of me. I did not think I was worthy of love, or feeling a sense of appreciation towards this world. But during it all, I noticed how my idols Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and Camilla Cabello managed to feel. They all managed to understand the insecurities life holds, and use it to the best of their abilities. They all managed to take their own battles, and use it to make them stronger. They inspired me to use what has happened to make me stronger, and to not let my diagnosis define me. My idols took something that happened to them in their journey, and came out of it stronger managing to feel all kinds of certain emotions. These people I looked up to learned how to celebrate the imperfect mess life has. I knew it was possible for me, I knew it was possible to experience life fully I just had to realize I was worthy of it.


I desrire to be what Demi Lovato was for me, an individual that represented the powerful process of recovery. When you dedicate yourself to recovery you start to see the world in a vibrant perspective of endless possibilities. 

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