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Steps to Detox Your Mind

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The mind can be a tricky place, at times it can feel unbelievably consuming. I would always look for a way out, a way to feel something because I would constantly feel numb inside. I discovered ways on how to detox those negative thoughts.

These are some tools I developed on how to detox my mind of any negative thoughts. With these strategies I learned how to become the best possible version of myself, the version that focuses on acceptance within.

A greater belief in religion

“I learned to trust God, and realize that whatever is happening is happening for a reason.”

To be honest I never quite had a fair belief in God until the conclusion of my high school career. I started to reflect on why I needed to go through what I went through to be the person I am today. I noticed the life I was graced with, and what it took to get to this place of utter gratitude. I started understanding how expanding my relationship with God started to clear my mind. I began attending church, and journaling every night before bed. Both helped me detox my mind tremendously.

Herbal tea

“Dinner can be a stressful situation, but with the help of Yogi Tea I learned how to calm myself down.

I first started to notice the power and effect of tea during quarantine. Every night after dinner I would have a cup of Yogi Tea. My two favorites are stress relief, and bedtime. Both of these helped me relieve the stress inside me, and understand how I am an athlete who needs to fuel herself. With time, I adjusted to this habit of having tea and understood how it is something that relieves the stress I have.

Influence of my Two Detox Methods

These two detox methods have helped me tremendously in my recovery, they helped me understand the inner warrior I have within myself. I learned to trust the power I have when it comes to my recovery. Everytime I have these nonchalant thoughts circling I bring myself back to these two steps. I trust god by focusing on myself and my breathing, and calm myself down by having herbal tea.


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