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App & Down: Apps to Help You Meditate

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Meditation is something that helped me establish a new lifestyle for myself. I created a lifestyle that consisted of a calm, mindful, and nourished way of living. These apps helped me learn how to take a step back, and just breathe.

So what is meditation? For me meditation is a skillful way of acknowledging the presence I have. Mediation helped me calm my negative thoughts in regards to food, and helped me accept the beauty that is life. Below are two meditation apps that have helped me in my eating disorder recovery.

Dr. Allison of Simplified Psychology states:

Calm meditation starts by helping you settle and quiet your mind, eventually helping you guide to something specific."

Calm is an app that helped me work to unleash the power I have within myself. Calm is a free app that offers a guided session ranging from 3 to 25 minutes. Towards the conclusion of the practice, the narrator will typically leave you to reflect on the practice and shift towards the present.

Life doesn't have to be this constant battle with your mind. With the power of meditation, you will begin to experience life differently. Trust my process, trust my thoughts, and trust my journey in recovery. I promise life is magnificent, and true happiness is possible. These two meditation apps have helped me tremendously in my recovery, and I am so excited to share them with all of you.

Women's Health states:

“This app has many of the most experienced mindfulness teachers on it, and it allow you to pick and chose depending on how long you have to practice."

Insight Timer is a free app that tracks your progress and growth. This app challenges you to become the best possible version of yourself, by challenging your inner warrior. This app has helped me challenge myself to meditate more consistently each day.

How did meditation help me in recovery?

Each day is a process, each day is a journey. I still do have days where my thoughts are racing, I still have moments where I am still consumed with this negative mindset. That is when I started to turn to meditation, which helped silence the negative mindset. Meditation helped me realize the imperfect perfect version I am, and that my flaws make me strong.


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